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The "Printed Preacher" has no fixed place of preaching, for the world is his pulpit; and while he is powerless in himself, he is ready to be sent wherever there is an opening for his message, and he will deliver it on the spot. It is all the same to him whether it is in the poorest slum or stately mansion, by the bedside or the seaside, in town or in the country, by camp-fire or in barracks, in store or in stable, by road or by rail. If only there is even one to listen—no matter where—he is "always ready."

Then some "Platform Preachers" are timid, especially in speaking to individuals. Not so with our "Printed Preacher"—his unassuming fearlessness impresses you as being a most desirable quality in any witness for God. For example, he would be as ready to look a member of the royal family in the face and tell him of another Crowned Head as to tell the poorest beggar in the gutter of One who is "rich unto all that call upon Him." He certainly would as fearlessly tell a popular modern theologian of the serious consequences of preaching "any other gospel" than the one brought from heaven by the Holy Spirit, as tell a contrite sinner of the cleansing blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God; or tell him that "there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repents."

Then, again, some "Platform Preachers" occasionally consider themselves "off duty!" Our "Printed Preacher"—never. Indeed more, he knows no "time limit"—"In season, out of season" he is "always ready"—midday, midnight, matters not: it is never too early, not too late, for his services. "Always abounding in the work of the Lord" might well be said of him. "Patient continuance" characterizes his work. Unfailing readiness, untiring constancy, may justly be claimed for him. He will patiently repeat the same address the same day, as often as any can possibly find time to listen.

Should it strike you further that his message be a comfort, or a timely warning, to some friend or loved one over the seas, thousands of miles away, you will find this preacher instantly ready to be sent, no matter where! On such errands he waits not to be accredited by any human organization. He is as ready to be made use of by a little girl of nine or ten as by the richest millionaire.

No preacher on earth today has such an "open door" as this "Printed Preacher"—obtaining an entrance and hearing where none other can.


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