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Ways to Use Tracts

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Ways to Use Tracts

Looking for some practical and effective ways to use tracts? We just added a collection of short videos to give you ideas and inspiration! 

  • Put in pockets of used clothing given away
  • Leave in laundromats
  • Leave in motel rooms (in drawers or near the Gideon Bible)
  • Put in returned library books
  • Include with a generous tip in restaurants
  • Enclose in each box or bag of merchandise you sell
  • Give with cookies (or gifts) to neighbors
  • Enclose with Christmas cards
  • Place in church bulletins
  • Hand to anyone who works in your house (electricians, plumbers, etc.)
  • Use as a conversation starter
  • Use as a teaching tool
  • Give to trick-or-treaters
  • Give a tract, along with the money, as you pay at a fast food drive-thru
  • Use tracts to communicate in languages you don't speak
  • Include with treat bags
  • Use your imagination for endless possibilities!

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