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Question & Answer

Question: “What is the difference between praise and worship?” Answer: Understanding the difference between praise and worship can bring a new depth to the way we honor the Lord. Throughout the Bible, the commands to “praise the Lord” are too numerous to mention. Angels and the heavenly hosts are commanded... Read more →

Be a Worshiper

We were made to worship God. The Father seeks worshipers who will pay homage to Him in spirit and truth (John 4:24). Preaching is not worship. It may inspire worship in the hearts of listeners, but preaching is the conveying of a message to an audience. Giving a testimony is... Read more →

From Blindness and Begging to Worship

“Dost thou believe on the Son of God?” (John 9:35). John 9 gives us the history of a soul passing from poverty and darkness into being a worshiper of the Son of God. Being a worshiper is one of the highest aspects of blessing any soul can know. It means... Read more →

What is True Worship?

Worship no longer consists of the offering of bulls and goats, made by priests of the Levitical order. Rather, it consists of spiritual sacrifices, offered up by priests of the new order—the individuals who make up the Church (1 Peter 2:5). Thus, worship is no longer a mechanical process; rather,... Read more →

Worship Jesus?

We know that we should worship God the Father. But may we also address our worship directly to the Son? Yes, we may! The Father Himself has desired that, “All men should honour the Son, even as they honour the Father” (John 5:23). For further verification of this, we are... Read more →

What Is Our Response To God’s Presence?

We need to recover the sense of reverence that ought to characterize those who gather in the holy presence of the living God. In many churches the fellowship is warm and the Bible teaching is faithful. But each week the people file in and out of what is labeled a... Read more →

At His Feet

Of all the disciples of Christ that pass before us in the Gospel story, perhaps none are marked by single-hearted devotedness to Christ more than Mary of Bethany. On the three occasions that she comes before us in the Scriptures, she is found at the feet of Jesus. We see... Read more →

Worship vs. Service

Many Christians put the emphasis of their lives on service for God, to the exclusion of worshiping Him. Others swing to the other extreme, and so stress the importance of worship, that service for the Lord is viewed as being of little or no consequence. We must beware of lopsidedness,... Read more →

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