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“Long Live the King!”

When a king dies and another takes his place, it is traditional to proclaim: "The king is dead; long live the king!" This statement gives honor to the passing king while showing reverence to his successor. But did you know that there is a King who died and yet continues... Read more →

“On My Father's Side”

You may remember the account from the Bible of the time when Jesus was twelve years old and tarried in Jerusalem while Mary and Joseph returned home, only to find that He was not among their caravan. When they returned to the city, "they found him in the temple" in... Read more →

Converted by the King

Jonathan Edwards, the American theologian, was suddenly converted, as by a flash of light, in the moment of reading a single verse of the New Testament. He was at home in his father's house after some hindrances kept him from going to church one Sunday with the family. A couple... Read more →

Foiled Again!

"Foiled again" is an expression that comes from the sport of fencing, and refers to the one who is losing the duel. "Foiled again" could certainly describe Satan's attempts to hinder the purposes of God in human history! Ever since he was cast down from his position as the most... Read more →

Gold, Frankincense, and Myrrh

One of the most familiar and best-loved stories of the Bible is the account of the wise men coming from a distant country east of Israel to worship the young child Jesus, and to give Him three special gifts from their treasures: gold, frankincense, and myrrh. We cannot help but... Read more →

King of Kings

"Jesus of Nazareth the king of the Jews." This title written by Pilate was nailed to the cross upon which Christ died. Pilate, evidently angered at the insistence of the Jewish leaders upon the death of Christ and possibly ashamed of his own weakness in giving way to them, jested... Read more →

Question & Answer

QUESTION: Can you tell me why there are two genealogies of Jesus in the Bible and explain some of the differences between them? ANSWER: It is perhaps well enough known that in the four Gospels there are two genealogies of the Lord Jesus. There is no genealogy in Mark. That... Read more →

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