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Will I Get In? Calculate Your Chances of Heaven ...

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If calculated leaving Jesus out of it: your chances are exactly ZERO.

Assuming you’re human, you’ve told lies, been lustful, dishonored your parents, hated others, and coveted (desired to have) what your neighbor has. (Career, house, car, wife/husband, etc.) You’ve put other priorities above God, taken His name in vain, taken things that weren’t your own, and even wished others had less than you have. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that people like us don’t go to heaven.

This is why the Son of God, Jesus Christ, intervened on our behalf, dying on the cross for our sins and rising from the dead to change us from the inside out. But He does require a response from us. Each of us must say yes to Jesus and His free gift. Yes to the cross. Yes to needing our sins paid for. Yes to the way He successfully paid for every single sin. Why not tell Him yes right now? Jesus saves only those individuals who acknowledge they have zero chance of heaven apart from Him.

BUT . . .  If you say yes to Jesus Christ: your chances are NO LESS THAN 100%.

The specific penalty God requires for sin is “death.” And that, my friend, is what Jesus DID! He DIED. Not for His own sins, but for yours and mine.

This means that if we only say yes to this gift and receive it by faith, then there IS NO penalty left for us. Furthermore, since Jesus rose from the dead, His Spirit comes to live inside those who believe, and changes them from the inside out. It might not look like it yet, but He promises to finish perfecting us the day we pass into heaven. So you don’t need worry about people’s behavior on earth, or our fitting into heaven itself one day. Just say yes to Jesus this day!

There is not a single person who has a 50% chance at heaven. You’ve either placed your faith in Jesus Christ and been reborn of His Spirit, or you have not. If you have not, you can change that right now. It could be as simple as saying a prayer something like this:

Dear Lord Jesus Christ, I understand you bought a gift for me, yet you do require me to respond by saying yes to it. So I reject and say no to the whole idea of getting to heaven on my own. Instead, I say yes to your death in my place, for my sins. I say yes to how all my sins – past, present and even future sins – were included when you died on one cross 2,000 years ago. I say yes to my debt being paid in full, paid by you, never to be paid by me. Because you’ve been so good to me, I also say yes to your resurrection. Yes to your Spirit living in me. Yes to your life becoming my own. Since your life will never end, neither shall mine. I consider my chances of heaven to be 100%, because of your gift – the gift of eternal life, to which I now officially say yes. Amen.

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