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Which of These Are Holy?

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a) Cow

b) Crap

c) Mackerel

d) Smokes

e) %#@*

f) All of these

g) None of these

Correct answer: None of these

It is popular to speak the word ‘holy’ in order to express emotion such as shock or surprise, but if we know the true meaning of the word from the Word, we understand that objects that are often shouted out as holy (such as animals and the profane) are a defilement and mockery.

What does it mean to be holy? In Leviticus 11:44, God says “… be holy; for I am holy.”  Definitions of the word ‘holy’ include being dedicated to God, pure, righteous, and sacred. 

So, when it comes to proclaiming what’s holy, let us set our focus on God above instead of on objects below.

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