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Where Are You From?

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People sometimes ask the question of origin. But does it really matter where you came from? Rather still, the fact that you are already on this planet leads us to the truly important question: “where are you going?” It might sound simple, but many are lost in the day-to-day details of life and never stop to give a single thought to this vital question.

Where are you going?

Lives are lost every day due to natural or man-made disasters. If death comes suddenly, only few people can boldly say they know where they will end up. Religious rituals will not take you to a peaceful abode or desired destination. Only a relationship with GOD, who created you in His own image, can take you there.

It doesn’t matter how you came into this world. The reality is that you found yourself on this planet, having no control over how you got here! What matters is where you will go when this life is over and eternity begins.

Today an opportunity is here for you to control where you are going. I invite you to have a relationship with the only one who can give everlasting joy. JESUS CHRIST gives life abundantly here on earth and through ETERNITY. He was sent to the world by the Father, taking the penalty for sins on the cross. Anyone that recognizes their sin, turns to God, and puts their trust in Jesus can be confident in where they are going: eternity with Him.

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