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From Voodooism And Roman Catholicism To The Living Saviour (KJV)

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The full text of this tract is shown below in the KJV version. (Do you want to print this tract in a different version than the one listed? Contact us and let us know what you're looking for—we may be able to create the alternate version for you at no charge.)

I was born into a Roman Catholic family in the south of Haiti, the pearl of the West Indies.

When I was four years old my family, living on a farm, sent me away to school. I studied at a Roman Catholic school taught by French priests. As my studies progressed, my desire was to become a Roman Catholic priest.

After my studies were completed, I spent one year teaching in the school directed by the Brothers of the Sacred Heart.

During a holy day I went to visit my parents. While there, I went for a walk with a friend and we met an old man who asked us the question, “Do you know Jesus Christ?” We thought that we did know about Jesus, but as he continued to witness to us we could not answer his questions. He told us that we needed to ask Jesus to come into our hearts as our personal Saviour for He died on the cross for our sins. He told us that we would go to Hell if we rejected Jesus. He witnessed to us for 35 minutes. At first we thought he was ridiculous, but he did not become discouraged with us. He continued to preach the Word of God to us. He invited us to his home and there he showed us many Scripture verses, and he asked us to read them. We were amazed to learn that this man could not read or write, but he had paid a man to read the Word of God to him and he memorized it.

The Holy Spirit convicted us and we both accepted Jesus as our personal Lord and Saviour. The old man prayed with us and for us. When we finished praying, I knew I was a new person in Christ.

(May I mention here that many Roman Catholics in Haiti are both Roman Catholics and Voodooists. I was one like this. At one time I had nine nails placed in my upper arm to keep the Voodoo demons from hurting me. But when Jesus came into my heart and really saved me, I put all of this evil under the blood of Jesus.)

The next day I went to a Bible preaching Christian Church. But when my family learned of my conversion, I became a Protestant—as they put it. They told me that I must leave home, for they had one son who had become a Roman Catholic Brother.

So I had to leave home the second day after my conversion. I had no money and you can imagine my situation. However, I met a friend and told him of my problem. He gave me some money and I went to the Capital of Haiti, Port-Au-Prince. After being there for six days, I was again destitute. I had no place to live and had to sleep outside.

I prayed and asked God to take care of me, and He certainly did. The very same day I found a Christian family who took me in, and I was able to stay with them for six months. During this time God called me into His ministry. I went to a Bible Seminary to study the Word of God. After my seminary training, I preached four times a week and taught twice a day in a Church in the south of Haiti called Cayes. Later the Lord opened the way for me to work at a Christian radio station with the West Indies Mission.

The Lord blessed me and continued to direct me to a deeper consecration, and He led me to Prairie Bible Institute in Canada to further my studies in the Word of God.

While there the Lord impressed the burden upon my heart to work with The Conversion Center, Inc., as a missionary to the 100,000 Haitians living in New York City, for I have a very great burden for the salvation of Roman Catholics.

I am now seven years old in the Lord, and my greatest joy is winning souls to the Lord Jesus Christ. Proverbs 11:30—”He that winneth souls is wise.”

Do you KNOW that Heaven is your home? I trust that you will give your heart to Christ. —by Clarence Ismey

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