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A King And His Two Sons

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I wish to tell you a story about a king and his two sons. It will be a story about this world and you yourself as well.

There once was a king who was very powerful and generous. 1 He had two sons. He took care of them, and they lacked nothing. 2 They were living in a wonderful palace, when one day, the younger son heard that there was a school outside, far away from the king’s palace. Desiring to go, the younger son asked the father: “Father, I have heard there was a school somewhere near the palace. I wish to go and visit.” 3 The father answered, “What do you lack that you desire to go to the school, which is far away and dangerous?” But the younger son insisted. So, the king let him have his desire, 4 and provided him with water and food for the journey. 5 The son left joyfully.

The evening came, and the younger son did not return. Worried, the king told the first son: “My son, why don’t you go and see where your brother is, and bring him home?” “Yes, father,” answered the first son. Willingly the first son left the palace and searched for the younger brother. 6 Having arrived at the school, he saw his younger brother from afar. The younger brother was hanging out with many different groups of people. One group of people that he was with was a group called the Revelers, who spent every night drinking, getting drunk, and partying. Another group was called the Sleepers, who slept with many women and men for pleasure. Another group was called the Anarchists, 7 who hated the king and wished to overthrow his kingdom. Another group was called the Politicians, who rivaled every day for fame and power in the school, and also rallied for their favorite candidates. Another group was called the Gang, and they extorted money from fellow students by force and violence. 8

Now if you were the older brother or the king, what would you have wanted for the younger brother?

The older brother grabbed the younger’s  hand, and spoke to him, “Brother, this is not right. The father wants you back, let us go.” 9 But the younger son’s heart had already left the king and his brother. He was now one with the groups. He said, “No, I like it here.” Frustrated, the older son turned to the groups of people and said, “This is the king’s command, I am taking my brother home. Do not associate with him anymore.” But one Anarchist replied, “Who are you to tell us what to do? You want to be the ruler over us?” Others joined and started mocking him. “Your brother is with us now!” they jeered. Then they started pushing him around, spitting at him, slapping him, hitting him, beating him, until the violence grew exceedingly, and they stabbed him to death. 10 The younger son saw all this.

If you were the younger son, what would you have felt? If you were the king, what would you have felt and done?

The king heard what had happened in the school. He wrote a letter to the younger son:

“My son, I have heard what happened in the school. I have forgiven you and your rebellion. Now come back to the palace, 11 for I am bringing my Army to punish both the school and the groups. 12 And bring anyone who realizes their guilt and wishes to be pardoned and live, for I have pardoned them.”

If you were the younger son, how would you have responded to this letter?

I trust you would go back to the king, bringing along with you anyone who would listen and wanted to be forgiven.

My friend, this is not just a story, but a true story. In the story, the king is God Almighty, the Creator of the heavens and the earth. The older son is Christ Jesus, the school is the world, the groups of people are sin and sinners, the Army is God’s angels, and the younger son is you. The only difference is that while the older son in the story died, Jesus rose back from the dead after three days and returned to the King. 13 And now this is the King’s letter to you. Are you the younger brother, with your back toward God and not heeding to what God is saying? The older Brother, Jesus Christ the Son of God, died for your sins to give you forgiveness from God our Father. He rose from the dead, as death could not hold onto Him. God will one day punish this wicked world and all sinners. You need to return to Him, through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. Will you return?

Please dear reader, would you commit yourself to reading the Bible prayerfully, believing it to be God’s word, and become part of a Bible-believing and soul-loving church?

1Exodus 33:6-7; 2Genesis 1:31; 3Genesis 3:6, James 1:15; 4Romans 1:24; 5Matthew 5:45; 6Luke 19:10; 7Psalm 2:1-2, Psalm 14:1; 8Ephesians 4:19; 9Matthew 4:17; 10Matthew 26:67,27:30,27:35; 11Titus 3:4-5; 12Matthew 13:41; 13Revelation 1:18

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