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Birthday Wishes

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  • Format: Poetry Tract Card
  • Paper: Glossy Card
  • Size: 3.5" x 6"
  • Pages: 2
  • Version: KJV

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The full text of this poetry tract card is shown below in the KJV version.

What shall I wish you, dear one,
   As you enter another year?
A life all free from sorrow,
   With never a pain or fear?
A path all strewn with roses
   With never a prickly thorn
With all of joy to gladden
   And naught to make you mourn?

No! then you would lose the blessing
   That comes with sorrow's hour,
You then would lose the comfort
   Of Christ's own mighty power;
Oft in the deepest trial
   The richest blessing comes
And pain but leads us upward
   Toward our heavenly home.

So I will leave your future
   In His all-loving hand.
With Him will leave the mysteries
   We cannot understand,
Content that He will lead you
   The way that's always right,
The roughest path but brings you
   To His own glory light.

I know that He will give you
   His own deep joy and rest,
I know that He will send you
   All that is wise and best;
So I will only wish you
   Just His own perfect will,
His own sweet love and blessing
   Your inmost soul to fill;

Yet, "more and more" of glory
   Until the goal is won,
And in His Royal Presence
   Eternity's begun.

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