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Imprinting (Short Version - Tracts)

How much does imprinting cost? The imprinting charge is $5 per pack.

How long does it take? Orders of less than 3,000 copies (per title) take about 2-3 business days for printing. Orders of 3,000 or more copies (per title) usually require 2-3 weeks for printing.

Where does my information go? Every tract has a space reserved on the back page for imprinting. A live preview is shown on your screen as you enter your text.

Can I add a logo or image? Yes, you can upload your own custom logo or image and it will be printed in full color. If your logo doesn't look quite right after uploading it, don't worry: all jobs are carefully reviewed before printing and we will custom-fit everything together for you. 

Do I have to enter my imprint over and over? If you're logged in to your account, any imprints you create will be saved so you can re-use them with a single click.

→ For more information please visit our imprinting help page.