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Imprinting (Short Version - Calendars)

How much does imprinting cost? The imprinting charge is already built into the price of this item.

How long does it take? Imprinted calendar cards usually arrive about 1 week after the order is placed.

Where does my information go? It will be printed on the front (calendar) side of the card. A live preview is shown on your screen as you enter your text.

Can I add a logo or image? Yes, you can upload your own custom logo or image and it will be printed in full color. 

Do I have to enter my imprint over and over? Nope. If you are ordering multiple calendars with the same imprint: 1) enter all of the details with the first item, and then 2) enter the word "same" for the others. If you have ordered imprinted calendars in the past and want to re-use the same imprint, simply enter “same as before” and we will pull the information from your previous order when printing.

→ For more information please visit our imprinting help page.