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Discounts (Short Version)

Large Order Discounts

Spend $100 or more and save 5% Use code TAKE5 when checking out.

Spend $200 or more and save 10% Use code TAKE10 when checking out.

Spend $300 or more and save 15% Use code TAKE15 when checking out.

Spend $400 or more and save 20% Use code TAKE20 when checking out.

Discount Questions

Can I apply multiple discounts to my order? Only 1 discount code may be applied per order.

How do I apply the discount code? If you received a discount code in an email from us, you can usually apply the discount by clicking the link in the email. Or you can enter the code manually after you press "Secure Checkout." Look for the box labeled "Discount code or gift card" in the order summary. Type your code in that box and press the "Apply" button.

When do I see my discount? If your discount has already been applied (by clicking a link in an email or in your shopping cart), you can see the effect of the discount before entering checkout. Otherwise, you can apply the discount code during checkout and see the adjusted totals there before completing your order.

Do discounts apply to all items? Some discounts are limited to only certain items (see the details you received with your coupon code). Also, tracts from our library are excluded from all discounts.

→ For more information, please visit our discounts help page.