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Wordless Book Resources

The "Wordless Book" method of presenting the Gospel has been used successfully for nearly 150 years. Now it's time to unlock the potential of this powerful presentation to reach a new generation of souls with the timeless truth of the Gospel!

Our tract and matching silicone wristband both use 5 colors to present the good news: Gold to speak of God and Heaven, Black to teach about our sin, Red to introduce Jesus who died and rose again, White to represent new life through faith in Christ, and Green to encourage us to grow in Christ.

The tract and wristband can be used separately. Or, use them together to teach the message of each color and provide a long-lasting reminder of this powerful lesson. Kids who have a wristband can easily share the Gospel message through the colors. If they need a reminder, the wristbands have a color key molded inside which reads: "Gold=God  Black=Sin  Red=Jesus  White=New Life  Green=Growth".

The tract comes in two versions: KJV or NKJV. The wristband comes in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large. You can download a sizing guide to help you determine which size(s) you need.