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From Darkness to Light

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Let me tell you a story about being lost, then found—about being in the depths of sin and hell and coming back again—into new life!!!!

I grew up a “Sunday Christian.” That means I went to church meetings with my family. Unfortunately, the meetings for me were lifeless, without meaning. Because of this when I got older God was not in my life. That didn’t mean I wasn’t still a person God created with a spirit inside. My spirit looked for meaning, and for spiritual experiences. I found them in the realm of drugs, sex, rock music, and witchcraft.

My experiences with drugs began in high school, and I tried nearly everything. Satan came immediately because he wanted me for himself. The music scene I was in was part of that life. I became a dealer, and kept the band I was with supplied. My habits made me feel euphoric and powerful for awhile. Sex and perversion was part of my lifestyle. Then came the encounters with witchcraft.

Don’t ever doubt Satan is real or that the spirit realm exists. He is, and it does. My involvement was deep. I made a choice and entered heavily into ceremonial magick, witchcraft, and candle magick. I spent 2 decades—from the time I was 19 until I was 47—in bondage. Psychological problems, time spent in a psych ward, confusion, loss of all I had—these were my rewards.


A friend took me to a church that taught who Jesus is. It was like the story from the Bible where some guys lowered a friend through the roof to see Him and be healed! While I was there two people prayed for me to be free. That day I was freed from thoughts of conspiracies and persecution that had come upon me from my life of darkness.


God has healed me!!! I have given my life completely to Him. I have real life and peace! And my hope is that this tract will help you choose correctly—choose Jesus. Be free!

How to be Saved Forever!!!

Just follow these steps (from the Bible, God’s word):

1. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ—that He died for you and rose again. (John 3:16)

2. Repent of sin and receive Jesus as Lord.
(Romans 3:23, Romans 10:13)

3. Confess this decision out loud! (Romans 10:9)

A Prayer for Salvation

Jehovah God, Creator of all things,

our Father in heaven,

I believe in Your Son Jesus Christ.

Today I admit my sin, and turn from it,

and I receive forgiveness through

Jesus’ death on the cross.

I ask Him now to be Lord of my life and take over!

Thank you, Father, for taking me into Your family!

Now fill me with Your Holy Spirit. Amen

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