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Prison Letter

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Prison Letter
This week, our team received this letter from a prisoner in California and it was so encouraging we couldn’t keep it to ourselves!
“'Stand fast in one Spirit’ I just received some tracts and I’ve literally got them spread out all over my prison cell in appreciation! This stuff is absolutely beautiful, I’m sure all to God’s glory! Well, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your generosity. Needless to say, in prison I’m dealing with a tough crowd. But your stuff really catches the eye and gets the good news across in a creative way! My Cellie and I are working together around the clock trying to save souls, as well as working on being more Christ-life ourselves. Again, all to God’s glory! You sent us enough to get started and we can’t thank you enough! We have the Holy Spirit guiding us in this walk. You guys are in our prayers—please pray for us, that we can get these awesome tracts into the right hands and hopefully point more people to God’s kingdom. May God’s grace, peace, and love be with you. I’ll write you guys again when we need some more tracts if that’s okay. Love in Jesus!”

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