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I Must Tell You

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I Must Tell You "I may never meet you again, so there is something I must tell you right now. It is so important that I would be remiss to not share it with you. Yet it is so simple that you can read it in just a few minutes. It is a message you may not like, but it is a message of love. You may try to ignore it today, but it will affect you forever. First of all, let me emphasize that this message is absolutely true, because it is a message from God, and He cannot lie. When God makes a promise, you can rest upon it, because His promises never fail. God will not force you to believe this message—that is your choice—but He will hold you responsible for having heard it. Lastly, let me tell you that it is a personal message to you. It brings you to the place of decision. You must either accept it or reject it. You must either say “I will” or “I will not.” You cannot be neutral. Here, then, is the message..."

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