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To Tell The Truth

When you think of the term evangelism, what picture flashes into your mind? A large stadium filled with people? A small booklet with a set of diagrams? A Christian wearing a pin with the symbol of a fish? A zealous believer playing intellectual chess with an atheistic opponent? A salesman convincing a reluctant person to “try Jesus”?

Evangelism is a 10-letter dirty word to some of us. While we think it’s a good idea for others, we’re sure it isn’t for us. We’re not cut out to sell, nor shrewd enough to play intellectual games with non-Christians. Evangelism, though, isn’t about being a salesman who cons people into buying what they don’t need. It has nothing to do with simply grabbing people’s attention and forcing on them a faith that goes no deeper than a scripted prayer.

Evangelism is simply sharing with others what we know about Jesus. “What we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord” (2 Corinthians 4:5). No tricks. No deception. Speak the truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth—in love. Then leave the results with God.

—Haddon W. Robinson, adapted