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God’s Concerns

When it comes to worry, followers of Jesus stand out in two ways: what they are concerned about and what they do with their fears. Christians have exactly the same worries as everyone else, but as they get to know God better, they realize that they can trust all their concerns to Him. If all their concerns are being handled by God, they are freed up to focus on God’s concerns. What is God concerned about? His concern is to see more and more people trusting Jesus and coming back into a relationship with Him.

And this should be our first concern too. But it can’t be if we are distracted by our worries. This doesn’t mean our everyday challenges aren’t valid or serious. They are, and God knows this. But God can do more for us than we can do on our own. He loves us and will provide what we need. If we can start to give our worries to Him, we will begin to see how dependable He is. And as we grow in confidence, seeing that our lives are in His hands, we will be able to share our confidence with others. In this way we will join God in His concern for the many people who still don’t know Him.

—From What Are You Worried About? Discovery Series, Our Daily Bread Ministries.