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Focus to the Finish

 I read a humorous story about a bloodhound. He started chasing a deer but a fox crossed his path, so he started chasing the fox instead. After a while, a rabbit crossed his path, so the hound chased the rabbit. Yet later, a mouse crossed his path and the hound chased the mouse into a hole. The hound, which had begun his hunt on the trail of a magnificent deer, ended up watching a mouse hole!

Most of us will laugh at the bloodhound. But if we stop and think, we’ll realize that often we too are easily distracted. At times we may even be sidetracked from following Christ. It is so easy to start well but then run after things that cross our paths.

We need to take to heart the words of the apostle Paul. He told Timothy to focus on the purpose of his life and ministry (2 Timothy chapters 1–3). He urged him to tell others about Christ and to warn them not to turn aside (2 Timothy 4).

The values of this world can easily influence us, tempting us to despise “sound teaching” and accept what is false. So we need to know and proclaim God’s Word, persevere through hardships, and keep the faith.

Yes, with God’s help, we can keep our eyes on Christ, stay close to Him, and finish well.

You can’t turn your back on Christ if you keep your eyes on Him.

—Albert Lee, Our Daily Bread