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Who Obeyed? Acrostic

For each of the following statements, fill in the name of the Bible character who demonstrated obedience. The first letters of their names are filled in for you. If you need more help, click here for the Scripture references where you can look up the answers.

O___________ I went to deliver a message to my master Ahab as directed by a prophet, even though it could have cost me my life.

B___________ I suffered an impairment until I called out to Jesus for mercy, and then quickly went to Him when He called me.

E___________ I went at the command of the Lord and hid in the wilderness, where He miraculously provided for me.

D___________ I obeyed the voice of my father to deliver supplies to my brothers, and the Lord used me to win a great victory there.

I___________ Though I was stronger than he was, I obeyed my father when he wanted to tie me up and put my life in danger.

E___________ I obeyed when the Lord told me to consume His Word and then go to proclaim it to those who would not listen.

N___________ I spent more than one hundred years of my life in the process of constructively obeying a single command of the Lord.

C___________ Though I was not one of God's people, I obeyed when an angel told me to call for a man who could tell me words of life.

E___________ I obeyed my uncle's plea and risked my life to speak to the king to spare my people.