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Gifts and the Giver

Gleaning in the fields of Boaz, and receiving blessings from his hand, however happy and right, will not give full rest and satisfaction to the heart of either Boaz or Ruth. Love can never be satisfied with gifts, however precious; it must have the giver.

Alas! how slow we are to learn that Christ, and only Christ, can satisfy our heart's desire. At times we seek rest in our spiritual blessings. Our efforts are directed to keeping bright in our souls the joy of conversion, and the sense of the blessings we have received. But, right as it is to be in the joy of salvation, we cannot enjoy the blessings apart from the Blesser. Every blessing that we have received is set forth in Christ, and can only be enjoyed in company with Christ.

Others seek satisfaction in a busy round of service. Would that we were all busy in the Lord's service; but if pursued with the object of finding rest, we shall only find, like Martha, that we get distracted rather than find rest. Service is good but it will not satisfy the heart.

Others seek some satisfaction in the vain things of this passing world, only to find that the more we surround ourselves with the things of earth the more we increase our cares.

Thus from one cause or another we are compelled to admit that as Christians we know little true satisfaction of heart. Saved indeed every true Christian is, but it is one thing to be saved and quite another to be satisfied. Saved by the work of Christ, we can only find satisfaction in the Person of Christ. The measure in which we are enjoying the company of Christ is the measure of our rest and satisfaction.

—From The Book of Ruth by Hamilton Smith.