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The Gladdest News

The resurrection is a glorious reality, for we have documentary, institutional, and experiential proofs. It validates the Gospel message, it authenticates faith, it certifies the Christian testimony, it secures the believer's salvation, and it authorizes the Divine program and the great commission. It guarantees the Christian's future resurrection; it gives full assurance to a blest immortality and life everlasting; it stamps the entire Word of God with full, infallible authority. Blessed be God!

The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is the greatest miracle of history. It is something beyond the ordinary processes of nature. It is the highest peak in the whole mountain range of Divine truth. It is the Gibraltar of Christianity. It is the Waterloo of infidelity. It is the finale in the redemptive scheme. It is the most brilliant sun that shines in God's heaven. Modernism cannot endure its luster. A compromising, lukewarm church trembles before the mighty Conqueror of death; for the blessed fact of the resurrection is intrinsically wrought into the very philosophy of redemption, and without it preaching is vain, faith is mockery, salvation is preposterous and empty, the promises remain unverified, and God is untrue, unreal, unknown. But, blessed be God, Christ lives today!

From World War II comes a beautiful, touching story. One day an American mother received a very special letter written in familiar handwriting.

"Dear Mom:
It is comparatively quiet where I am today, but no one knows how long it will be. If this letter reaches you, it will mean that I can't write another one, for I'm putting this away with my things, and asking that it be sent to you. I just want to say, Mom don't grieve for me. 'I know that my Redeemer liveth.' My trust is in Him who 'loved me, and gave Himself for me,' and because He lives, I, too, shall live. Don't ever say of me, 'He's gone.' Say, 'He lives!' Because, Mom, when you read this, I shall be very much alive, and waiting for you in Christ's presence.
With love, John"

The letter was read through blinding tears; yet in the darkest hours there were joy and gladness, and at length she said, "This—really—is good news. He lives—waiting in Christ's presence."

—Herald of Holiness