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A Five-Word Sermon

Many years ago there was a true man of God who was the most remarkable preacher on earth. The whole country came to hear him. If such a thing occurred now, it would be considered a great revival. On one occasion, however, we are told that this very same preacher had a congregation of just two people. He preached on this day a sermon of only five words, but the effect was marvelous. Right then and there, both hearers became faithful, devoted followers of Christ.

Do you know the name of this preacher sent from God? He was none other than John the Baptist. You may read an account of his great revival preaching in Matthew 3, but let us focus instead at the short sermon to the two. “John stood, and two of his disciples; and looking upon Jesus as He walked, he saith, Behold the Lamb of God! And the two disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus” (John 1:35-37).

“Behold the Lamb of God.” What a living text! Without these five words, tons of volumes of theology are worthless. Here was the Son of God; and He was the Lamb of God. Behold Him. How simple, yet this is the power of God. Has this message come to your heart yet, and turned you from everything else to follow Jesus? You may have gone to confession, and you may have been baptized, and you may have done many other things, but has this blessed Person, the Lamb of God, attracted your heart to follow Him?

One of those who heard John and followed Jesus was Andrew, Simon Peter’s brother. He immediately becomes a preacher to the first person he meets (John 1:41). Oh, if every true follower of Jesus, the Lamb of God, would just go out and seek another person to bring to Jesus! We are all surrounded by people who for years have been seeking salvation by law-keeping, by sacraments, by works, by their church. But they are saying to themselves, “I am as far away from God as ever. I have no rest, no real peace. I cannot say I am saved. I cannot look death and judgment in the face. There are so many opinions that I am bewildered. I have so many sins: I try to forget them but it does not work. If only I could find the truth, the real way to God.”

If you have experienced the grace of God, go share the good news with a friend or family member. Simply say, “I have found the Saviour.” Tell them how you have found all that you need in Jesus, the Lamb of God. Do just as Andrew did when he brought his brother to Jesus. He is ready to receive them. Oh, beloved reader, have you come to Jesus? Do you abide with Him? Do you follow Him? Have you told others about Him? The Lord give us more of this kind of preaching.

—Charles Stanley (1821-1888), adapted