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For Some, the Only Way

It's a wonderful thing that the story of the grace of God can be compressed into a few hundred words and printed on a piece of paper. It's even more wonderful when you consider that masses of people will not listen to a Christian broadcast on radio or TV. Neither will they enter a church building or discuss spiritual things with a Christian.

You've probably heard the common reply, "I don't believe in discussing politics or religion." Did you know that millions of people have this attitude? Multitudes cannot be reached by any other method than gospel tracts. Why? They have closed their hearts and minds to all public gospel approaches. Only the private door is open.

A person sitting in an airport will read the tract they find on their seat, yet they would stubbornly refuse to discuss the same truths with a witnessing Christian. Or a person may find a tract in a hotel lobby or a restaurant booth. In that secret moment the Holy Spirit can deal with them about Christ.

A whole segment of humanity cannot be reached in any other way. This means that the tract ministry is as vital as any form of evangelism. These people can be reached in a private moment with a tract that tells the message of Jesus Christ.

Many people have been deceived into thinking that tract ministry is not that important. Without realizing it, many Christians are despising one of the choicest ministries for our day of hit-and-run living. Once a believer begins to use gospel tracts, he finds how tracts reach people that he will never even meet face to face. Leave one in a public place, and the Holy Spirit will have someone ready who needs this approach—a person you'll never see until we reach Heaven. There is no substitute for the "hidden treasure" concept of Matthew 13:44. Some people just have to find Christ by themselves.

Arm yourself with these silent evangelists, and you'll contact souls beyond the reach of any public evangelist. For some it's the only way.

—C. S. Lovett