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Do You Really Care?

A Christian was stopped by a long-time friend, who asked: "How long have we known each other?"

After a moment's thought he replied, "About fifteen years, I guess."

"You are a Christian, right?"

"Yes, I am."

Then his friend asked, "As a Christian, do you really believe I must accept Christ as my Saviour?"

"Yes, I do. It's the truth."

Then came the more significant question: "Do you care whether or not I am saved?"

"Yes, of course I do."

"Well," said the friend, "I don't believe that. As you say, we have been good friends for fifteen years, yet in all those years you have never once mentioned Jesus Christ to me. We have talked about everything else, and if you really cared the least little bit about my soul you would have said something by now."

The Christian was stunned, and after confessing his failure to God, proceeded to share the Gospel with his friend.

Who do you need to tell about Christ? Don't put it off any longer.