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A Christian overheard several co-workers having a discussion in which some very harsh and cruel things were said about Christians. When he could stand it no longer, he said, “I admit there are some hypocrites in the church, but most of us are sincere believers.”

Turning their attention to him, they proceeded to ask him whether or not he truly believed that all unsaved people were destined for an eternity in Hell. “Yes,” he replied. Then they asked whether or not he believed God truly answers prayer. “Yes, I do,” he declared confidently. “Then tell us: during the years that we have worked together, how many nights have you spent in prayer for our salvation? How much time have you spent in prayer for us this week?”

The Christian hung his head in shame, realizing that his actions were not living up to his beliefs and profession. What about you? Are you guilty of the sin of prayerlessness? Do you lightly promise others that you will pray for them and about their circumstances, and then forget as soon as the words have left your lips?

—Robert A. Laidlaw, adapted