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Only One Door

“I am the Door,” said Jesus (John 10:7). He was not talking about the door of a beautiful palace. He was not speaking of the great door of the temple in Jerusalem. He had no lofty portals in mind. “I am the Door of the sheepfold.”

There are no armed guards to keep poor ordinary folk out. There are no alms boxes fastened to the portal. No fine clothes are necessary. No cards of admission are demanded. Christ has described Himself as a Door so humble that no man need feel too poor and vile to pass through.

We enter into salvation through Christ. We do not merit it. We cannot deserve it. We simply step through the Door by faith. There are not a half-dozen ways out of sin into eternal life. There is only one Way. Christ is not a door. He is the Door—the Door by which any man may enter in.

—Bob Jones, Jr.