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A door can become the way out of something old or the way into something new. It can provide protection from dangers outside, or make a way of escape from harm within. In the Scriptures, we find many examples of both literal and figurative doorways taking on all of these characteristics and more.

Jesus led His sheep from the old paths of ritualism and mystery into the new frontier of a personal walk with a present Saviour (John 10:1-16). Before the exodus, the Israelites found safety behind their blood-stained doors (Exodus 12:12,13), and after the Lord’s crucifixion we find His disciples hiding behind locked doors for fears of their own safety (John 20:19). The door of Noah’s ark was both a door of protection for those inside, and a door of sealed fate for those who did not enter before it was shut (Genesis 7:16).

Whatever doorways we face in our lives, let us always remember that the best side of any door is the one where Jesus is. If the Lord has seen fit to put us behind a door that will not open, we should be content to abide with Him there. On the other hand, if He opens a door for us and leads us to go through it, we had better not remain where He no longer is.

We trust that you are blessed by the articles in this issue that speak of the one Door of salvation—the Lord Jesus Christ. May you seek the safety that is given to those who enter into eternal life through faith in Him, and know what it is to walk in the peace and liberty that He provides.

—T. Don Johnson