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Bare Cupboard Filled

The Van Ryn family was living in Florida at the time while the father, August, was ministering the Word in Michigan. He thought he had mailed a check to his wife for household expenses, but actually he had put the letter in a coat pocket, then changed suits.

In the meantime, the family till was empty. Mrs. Van Ryn had enough food for the children’s breakfast one day but had nothing for their lunch. Without a phone she could not contact August. So she did what she always did; she prayed for the needs of the day. When the mail came, there was nothing in it to meet the need. So she prayed again, more desperately. At 11 a.m. there was a knock at the door. The delivery man from the local grocery store entered and placed four large bags on the table.

“What is this?” she asked. “I didn’t order any groceries.” She didn’t explain that she was penniless.

“Well, all I know is that a man came in and bought them for you.”

“Who was the man?”

“I have no idea. I never saw him before.”

After feeding the kids lunch, she made a beeline to the store. The grocer would know. He knew everyone in the neighborhood, and all the people in the local assembly. But when she asked, he assured her he didn’t know the man. He could not describe him at all.

So that left Mrs. Van Ryn not knowing who bought them, but knowing very well that the Lord had sent them. When she unpacked the groceries every one was something that she would have ordered—the same food, the same sizes, and the same brands.

—From The Wonders of God by William MacDonald, published by Gospel Folio Press. Used by permission.