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Six P’s of Psalm 23

In a little clipping, which came one day to my home, my eye lighted on an arrangement of the truth of this song which has never left me. I have never read the twenty-third psalm since that day when it has not fallen into six divisions, each with a name and each name beginning with the same letter.

Possession: My shepherd (v.1)

Position: He maketh me to lie downbeside the still waters (v.2)

Promise: He restoreth my soul (v.3)

Progress: Yea, though I walk through the valley (v.4)

Provision: Thou preparest a table before me (v.5)

Prospect: Goodness and mercy (v.6)

—From The Secret of a Happy Day by J. Wilbur Chapman

It is no mere whim on God’s part to call us sheep. Our behavior patterns and life habits are so much like that of sheep it is well nigh embarrassing. —Phillip Keller