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Psalm 23

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want. Psalm 23:1

In this short piece of Divine poetry vast fields are unfolded before us displaying God’s character—and ours. Its vivid imagery and memorable meter make it easy to take to heart, and thus it has been found on the lips of countless souls both in times of solace and distress. The psalm bears the clear mark of the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in the composition of the lines themselves and in their setting in the book of Psalms.

Sadly, our natural tendencies often keep us from fully appreciating this Psalm, the power of which F.B. Meyer has said, “lies in dwelling so little upon man, and so much upon God.” We, as sheep, may see the pastures, the waters, the protection, and promises, but come short of apprehending Him who provides for us in such a complete and intimate way. As we walk through these verses, may we appreciate what the Lord has given to us, but also be granted to lift our heads and behold our Shepherd Himself.

—T. Don Johnson

The Person of Jehovah, and not what He gives, is the comfort of the heart. The Blesser, and not the blessing, is the theme of this beautiful song. —J.W.H. Nichols