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Five Minutes

A number of years ago, it was the custom of Samuel Hubbard to go with other Bible teachers to instruct classes of inmates in a Boston prison chapel.

Near the end of the class one day, the chaplain said, “We have five minutes to spare. Mr. Hubbard, would you like to make a few remarks?”

He arose in a calm, dignified manner, and looking at the inmates said: “I am told that we have five minutes to spare. Much may be done in five minutes. In five minutes, Judas betrayed his master, and went to his own place. In five minutes, the thief on the cross repented, and went with the Saviour to Paradise. No doubt many of you before me did that act in five minutes which brought you to this place.

“In five minutes, you may repent, and go to Paradise—or will you imitate Judas, and go to the place of eternal punishment where he is? My five minutes have expired.”

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