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David’s Heart

(Please read Psalm 63)

David was far from sinless, but God describes him as a “man after His own heart” (1 Samuel 13:14). David’s heart, then, should be a subject of intense interest to any who desire to please the Lord, and in Psalm 63 we find a perfect opportunity for a study of it.

At the outset (vv. 1,2) we note an intense yearning for God in the heart of David; he seeks, he thirsts for, he longs for God. It is also a very personal matter—God is his God. God is first in his life: “Early will I seek Thee.” God’s interests are uppermost in his mind.

Next (vv. 3,4) we observe an attitude of praise in his heart. The source of his praise was his experience that God’s lovingkindness is better than life itself.

God’s lovingkindness has produced a deep sense of satisfaction in David’s heart (v. 5). It is as real as physical satis-faction. We enjoy a good meal, but do we enjoy the experience of fellowship with God, the sweetness of His love, the delight of His joy, the depth of His peace? Here alone is true satisfaction.

Meditation held a prominent place in the heart of David (v. 6). Contemplation of God was a necessity to this man. It was his life, and it should be our life too.

One of the most precious thoughts that came to David’s heart as he meditated was his security in God (v. 7). God had been his help many times. What blessed security is the portion of the saints of God! What security is in Christ our Saviour, who died to deliver us from the wrath of God and to raise us up to a heavenly position in Himself!

David was running a race (v. 8). He was one of an illustrious company, including also Caleb and Joshua, who “wholly followed the Lord.”

Finally, David’s heart was filled with joy (v. 11). He rejoiced not only in his security and in his privilege of praise, but simply in God Himself. How prominent is this thought in the New Testament! We are to “joy in God” and to “rejoice in the Lord.” In fact, our joy in Him whom we have not seen and yet believe is “joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

Are these experiences of David’s heart our experiences? If they are, we too will be those the Lord proclaims to be “after His own heart.”