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All That Believe

“All that believe are justified from all things” (Acts 13:39).

This is the good news sent down from heaven to all men. It does not say all who “do their best” or “feel good about their lives.” God’s Word simply says, “all that believe.” It is on the principle of faith that a person receives justification the moment he believes that the Lord Jesus Christ died for his sins, and is the only way he can be saved. Believing itself is not a meritorious action. The merit is not in his faith, but in the Object of his faith.

While it is true that salvation is all of God, all of grace, all through the merits of Christ’s shed blood, and for all men everywhere, yet only those who believe are justified. While there may be plenty of water in the reservoir, and water in the pipes leading to one’s house, he must turn on the faucet to have that water. That is faith. Put out your empty hand of faith and turn on the faucet today.

—A.H. Stewart