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Somebody Loves You

Posted by Madison Eisaman on

Did you know that Somebody Loves You? ❤️
God’s love for you is:
❌Unending— His love for you is eternal. He will love you forever! As sinners, we do not deserve God’s love, but he loves us anyways.
❣️Unselfish— God has always loved us, and He loved us way before we were able to love Him. His love is freely given!
‼️Unimaginable— God’s love allowed him to give His one and only son Jesus to bear the punishment of our sins on the cross to the point of death. We cannot even begin to imagine the love God has for us.
You are forever loved by our Creator who allows us to have eternal life because of Jesus. What better love could we ever imagine? Are you ready to accept God’s love?
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