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K.C., FL

Posted by Amy Johnson on

My husband and I run a ministry called Wishing & Fishing, formed after our daughter Carly, who had pediatric cancer. For the past 16 years, we have been taking hurting families, children with cancer, and special needs, out on the water for free for a day of fun.

I was having a rough day recently and I was at the gas station. I looked down as I was pumping gas & there was a beautiful YOU ARE LOVED card by my feet. It really touched my heart and helped me to feel so much better. I know God put it there for me, because the name of our upcoming event is called YOU ARE LOVED!! 

I would really like to put one of these cards into our gift bags for the ladies at our YOU ARE LOVED event on Feb 18th.  We do not have the funds to purchase these, so I am asking if you could prayerfully consider donating the tracts so each of the 200 ladies at the event can have one.


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