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Wordless Book Silicone Wristband (Imperfect)

Wordless Book Silicone Wristband (Imperfect)

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Free Tract Version

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  • Versions: KJV, NKJV
  • Returns: Imperfect items cannot be returned. If that makes you uneasy, you should definitely order the first-quality option

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This item is the IMPERFECT wristband. Order the first-quality wristbands here.

Wear a testimony on your wrist!

The outside of this silicone band shows the five colors of the "Wordless Book" (Gold, Black, Red, White, and Green), and the inside adds a key to help you remember what the colors stand for.

The imperfect wristbands are available in two sizes: Small and Large. In general, the Small bands are for children, and the large size is best for adults. There are some children who can wear a large band, and some smaller adults who can comfortably wear the small size, but in general kids will wear the small bands, and grownups will wear the large ones. Both sizes are 1/2" wide.

*WHILE TRACT SUPPLIES LAST* Every wristband comes with a free matching Gospel Tract. That tract is available in English (KJV or NKJV) and Spanish. Select your desired version when ordering.

For more information about sizing, you can download a PDF sizing guide.


What Are “Imperfect” Wristbands?

While every wristband is slightly different due to the manufacturing process, we receive some bands which we mark as "imperfect" due to excessive color blending or other minor visual defects. While supplies last, you can order these "imperfect" bands for just $0.25 each—that's a savings of 50%! Please note that "imperfect" wristbands cannot be returned.

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