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What Does the Bible Teach About Baptism? (Abridged)

What Does the Bible Teach About Baptism? (Abridged)

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The paper of this title being out of print, this abridged form is sent forth because of a decidedly felt need on the part of the people of God. The emphasis that is herein laid upon the meaning and significance of baptism is in happy contrast to any spirit of controversy, and furnishes salutary instruction in the ways of our God. The writer's careful, sober consideration of these matters in the clear light of Scripture will, we trust, be of useful service to each reader. If an unabridged edition is available to the reader, we fully recommend a careful reading of it; but in this edition we have omitted those parts that may not be of the most general interest and concern. These pages of truth will be rightly used and valued insofar as they serve to deepen the reader's appreciation of the Person of our Lord Jesus Christ and of His great sacrificial work. To this end may He add His rich blessing. Includes remarks on household baptism.

  • Author: Elliott, Russell
  • Binding: Paper
  • Pages: 32

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