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Free Literature Request Form

To submit your request for free literature, please complete the form below.

The deadline of August 20, 2020 has passed, and our printings have already been started based on the requests received. If you submit your request now, we will send whatever materials we can. You should receive your shipment by the middle of October.

Didn't receive our letter and form? If you haven't received literature from us in the past, we ask that you contact us for more information about how you can receive free tracts and booklets for your prison ministry.

Contact Information

Shipping Address

Requested Items

Can You Be Sure? (booklet)
2021 "One Way" Calendar Card (English)
2021 "One Way" Calendar Card (Spanish)
Moments For You (Mailed Quarterly, English only)
Life or Death (Mini tract card)
Son Of Hope (Tract, English)
Son Of Hope (Tract, Spanish)
Assorted Tracts

Comments, Special Requests (Include items from "Supplemental Request Form" here)