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The Christian and Marriage

The Christian and Marriage

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  • Should a Christian marry a non-Christian?
  • Should a Christian date a non-Christian?
  • Does God have a specific marriage partner in mind for me?
  • Now that we are engaged, is it okay for my fiancee and me to be sexually intimate?
  • Does God want some people to remain unmarried?
  • Which marriage partner--him or her--is especially required to serve the other?
  • Do I have to tell my spouse I'm sorry when I say or do bad things to him/her?
  • Do I have to forgive my spouse for the sins he/she commits against me?
  • Does the wife have to like her husband as well as love him?
  • Does reading the Bible and praying together help in having a happy marriage?
  • To whom does a married couple's money belong?
  • Is it okay to keep our credit cards maxed out until we die?
  • Is giving the silent treatment better than lashing out in anger?
  • What can I do to win my unsaved spouse to the Lord?
  • Does the Bible condone homosexual marriage?
  • Am I free to remarry if my spouse divorces me?
These and many other questions relating to marriage are answered in this book, either directly by Scripture or by appeal to general principles of Scripture.
  • Author: Canner, Paul L.
  • Binding: Paper
  • Pages: 145

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