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A Tribute to Sufferers

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  • Format: Poetry Tract Card
  • Paper: Glossy Card
  • Size: 3.5" x 6"
  • Pages: 2
  • Version: KJV

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The full text of this poetry tract card is shown below in the KJV version.

Lord, I thank Thee for the lessons
Thou hast taught through those in need,
For they show through much affliction
They have learned on Thee to feed.

Days and weeks, yea, months of suffering
Coupled with the needed care,
Still they always praise the Saviour
With a word or thankful prayer.

On themselves their thoughts scarce linger
In their sleepless nights of pain,
Save to say with fresh assurance,
"It's for my eternal gain."

But of others they are thinking
Who the trials of life must bear,
And they send a word of comfort
As their burdens thus they share.

Of't in visits to the sick room
Hoping there some cheer to leave,
We have found our own hearts gladdened
By the threads of life they weave.

Things of time seem all so paltry
As they leave their bitter sting,
But the things of Christ more precious
With the hope they ever bring.


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